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FrostFlow Cool Vest™️

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Three-speed speed regulation circulation air supply, breathable fabric wear-resistant and anti-wrinkle, micro-pore perspiration for a healthy cooling.
Long-lasting cool and comfortable, the maximum gear life is about 8+ hours, the lowest gear life is about 12+ hours, strong cooling, no fear of cool potatoes.
Brushless DC motor, strong wind power source power running up to 4500r, optimized heat dissipation without hot life longer 6000 hours life.
Fan with Innovative design feather leaves, even and dense cutting airflow, 30 degree diagonal cyclone structure design, create a more powerful wind.
The fan thread is rotated and fixed, and it is convenient to assemble and disassemble. The plug comes with a buckle to prevent poor contact caused by frequent activities.
Healthy and cool, with a mesh ventilation layer to prevent the fan from blowing directly to the human body.

Name: Cooling fan vest
Material: 100% polyester
Gender: Men, Women
Color: Blue, Light Gray, Yellow, White
Size:S M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL,
Power source: Power Bank
Seasons: Spring and summer

9-leaf and 3-leaf fans are randomly shipped with the same functional effect

Package includes:
1 x Cooling fan vest
2 x 9cm Brushless motor fans
1 x USB charging cable

(Power bank not included)

How does it work?
The air is evenly distributed through the mesh to the whole body. The cool wind will lead the air to circulate within the vest, which will reduce the temperature by 20%. The inner mesh is sweat proof and breathable, and the fan will not come into direct contact with skin. It is more comfortable and safer to wear such a vest in summer.

High-quality materials:
The cooling vest is made of lightweight and breathable material, which can not only absorb sweat quickly, but also effectively block ultraviolet rays and prevent heat stroke. And the volume is not large, you do not have to worry about it will affect your work. It will increase your work efficiency.

Dual fan design:
The cooling fan vest has two fan units at the waist of the garment. Connect the power bank with USB and the clothes will start working. (Power bank not included) It has three airflow modes, so you can adjust the airflow according to the working conditions and reduce the temperature by more than 8°C.

For your intimate design:
the waist is a place where the human body is easy to get cold. Therefore, there is a mesh layer on the waist of the inner layer of the garment. Not only can it prevent the wind from blowing directly to the waist and cause waist damage, it can also guide the wind to spread, quickly evaporate sweat, and take away the heat for you.

Safe and easy to use:
The cooling fan vest is easy to operate and safe. Machine washable, please don't forget to remove the fan assembly before cleaning.

Suitable for many occasions:
You can wear this cool clothes to work. Suitable for high temperature operations, such as construction sites, fields and high temperature areas; it is also ideal for outdoor sports such as hiking and mountain adventure. It can effectively block ultraviolet rays and can also be used as a windproof vest.

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FrostFlow Cool Vest™️ Sale price$19.99