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Dragon Phoenix Color Changing Handmade Teapot™️

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Color:Red Mud
Hand-made Dragon Phoenix Color-changing Purple Clay Teapot Reusable Practical Tea Pot Gift For Tea Lover


MULTI-FUNCTIONAL USE: Made of high-quality purple clay, it is safe to use and suitable for brewing various types of tea, from delicate green tea to strong black tea, providing a diverse tea drinking experience.

ELEGANT DECORATION: This teapot also doubles as a decorative piece, enhancing the tea-drinking experience with its elegant design and cultural significance.

Easy to use: Designed for precise tea brewing, it comes with a spout and handle that are ergonomic and comfortable to hold, making pouring and operation easy.

Color-changing glaze: The delicate dragons and phoenix pattern on the teapot changes hue when exposed to hot water, adding a captivating visual elements.

EXQUISITE GIFT: This handmade dragons and phoenix color-changing purple sand teapot is the perfect gift choice for your tea lover friends or family on special holidays such as Christmas, Birthday, Thanksgiving, etc.


1.Actual color may be slightly different from the image due to different light effect

2.Please allow 1-3cm deviation due to manual measurement


Material: purple clay


Xi Shi Pot: length: 13.6cm, height: 8cm

Red Mud: Length: 14cm, height: 9cm

Suit 1 Tea Cup: Length: 6.9cm, height: 6cm

Suit 2 Tea Cup: Length: 7.2cm, height: 5.6cm


Xi Shi Pot: about 225ml

Red Mud: about 350ml

Suit 1 Tea Cup: 155ml

Suit 2 Tea Cup:135ml

Package List:

1 x Teapot


1 x Teapot with 2 Tea Cup

Dragon Phoenix Color Changing Handmade Teapot™️
Dragon Phoenix Color Changing Handmade Teapot™️ Sale price$79.83