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Joy Donut Bed 1

Sale price$29.95

No More Lazy Bored Cats!
šŸŽ‰50% OFF + Free shipping Summer Sale
šŸ˜»The Most Versatile & Fun Cat Bed
šŸ˜»CombinesĀ playtime and naptimeĀ for your cat
šŸ˜»Ā Durable scratch-resistant felt
šŸ˜»Ā Zip apart in seconds & Easy to clean!
šŸ˜»Ā Spacious interiorĀ for cats to hide and tunnel in!Ā 
Comfort & FunšŸ˜»
MadeĀ forĀ yourĀ  feline friend's comfort and entertainment! They will have hours & hours of fun. KeepĀ your catĀ exercising and mentally stimulated for a fit and happy cat.Ā The tunnel design stimulates your cat's natural instincts to explore and play!
No More Cranky CatsšŸ˜½
The Joy Donut Bed is perfect for anxious cats! Be assured that this bed will improve your cat's quality of sleep.Ā 

This bed is calming and creates a cozy environment, keeping them in a relaxed state, thus reducing stress. When they want to be alone, they have their own little safe haven. šŸ¤—Ā 


No More Worrying About Separation AnxietyĀ 

When a cat is unoccupied or away from its ownerĀ for quite some time, this can lead toĀ separation anxiety,Ā long-termĀ frustration, and destructive behavior.Ā 


The Joy Donut BedĀ isĀ an engaging outlet for your cat toĀ play,Ā hide, sleep and chaseĀ all day long. Experience the joys of an active and happier pet while providing them a fun and comfy bed.

Let Your Cat Be a Cat šŸ˜ŗ

Unleash your cat's natural instinctsšŸ˜¼

Cats are natural predators with an instinctual need toĀ chase, hide and play. Traditional beds are unappealing because they don't support a cat's true nature and they get bored.


Our KittyMaze supports your cat'sĀ natural instinctsĀ by providing them with a place toĀ chase, hide and explore.Ā 



High Quality & Claw resistant šŸ˜ŗ

It can beĀ reallyĀ frustratingĀ to constantly purchase new cat beds that end up scratched, destroyed or not used.

OurĀ MultifunctionalĀ Cat Bed Tunnel provides more than just a comfortable resting place and fun playing experience, it offers aĀ safe and secure homeĀ for your furry friend. šŸˆ


It's alsoĀ claw resistantĀ which makes it more durable than regular beds. Our cat bed comes in two sizes for small and big cats, super spacious for your feline friends to tunnel in and hidešŸ±


Ā This bed will bring joy and purrs into your home ā€“ the perfect match for a happy feline and loving owner. Buy Yours Today!

Type: cats
Origin: Mainland China
Material: Wool
Is Smart Device: no
Feature: Breathable
CN: Anhui
Joy Donut Bed 1
Joy Donut Bed 1 Sale price$29.95