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Crawling Crab Tummy Time Toy™️

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Color:Pull rope Crab B
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 Crawling Crab Tummy Time Toy

Do you need a toy that will help with baby's tummy time?

Introducing Crawling Crab Tummy Time Toy! This crawling crab toy will bring so much joy and curiosity to your little one. Place the toy a little out of reach from baby, which will encourage the baby to crawl after the crab,

Sensor Inside The Crawling Crab:

The crawling crab baby toy will start to crawl with happy, playful songs. Once it encounters an obstacle the infrared sensor will move it in the opposite direction. Your little one will be encouraged to scoot, crawl, and even sit up.

High-quality Material:

The Crawling crab baby toy is made of high quality ABS materialsturdy and durableSoft light protects baby's eyes. Smooth edges, which is baby friendly. Which assures baby does not get hurt while playing.

Tummy Time Toy:

Not only does it entertain your little one, but also your pets. Older kids love it too. It's fun and interactiveIt makes everyone happy.

Rechargeable Crabs Available



Place the toy on a flat surface and create a boundary around it using pillows or other soft objects.


Once boxed in, turn on the colorful lights and fun music to capture your baby's attention.


Encourage crawling and walking by placing the toy just out of reach, boosting their confidence and skills.

Crawling Crab Tummy Time Toy™️
Crawling Crab Tummy Time Toy™️ Sale price$24.99