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Galaxy Rose Artificial Flower Lamp

Sale price$25.99

  1. Enchanting Beauty: The artificial galaxy rose lamp combines the elegance of a rose with mesmerizing galaxy-inspired lighting. Perfect for adding a touch of magic to any room.

  2. Unique Decor: This galaxy rose lamp features a stunning rose encased in a glass dome, illuminated by twinkling LED lights. It's an eye-catching piece that brings a celestial charm to your space.

  3. Romantic Ambiance: Create a romantic atmosphere with this artificial galaxy rose lamp, emitting a soft, colorful glow. Ideal for special occasions or as a thoughtful gift.

  4. Elegant Design: The galaxy rose lamp showcases a beautifully crafted artificial rose with sparkling LED lights. Its intricate design makes it a standout decorative piece for any setting.

  5. Magical Illumination: This galaxy rose lamp offers a unique blend of floral elegance and cosmic lighting. The perfect addition to your home decor, creating a dreamy and whimsical ambiance.


Galaxy Rose Artificial Flower Lamp
Galaxy Rose Artificial Flower Lamp Sale price$25.99